Wild Raspberry

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Crystal E-liquid


As you know, we have been facing 18 months of out of stock issues with Crystal E-Liquid. This is due to many factors based on availability of the product.

The wait is no more! We have finally secured a contract with E-Fusion E-Liquid. This high nicotine organically based premium liquid will fill the gap. If you like Crystal, you will love E-Fusion.

Crystal E-liquid will still be available on a special order basis. All pre-orders must be emailed to the sales inbox.


Please keep in mind that to qualify for the free shipping you must spend over $100 to receive it. Minimum 5 bottles are needed to have your order placed.

E-fusion can be found here!  <---- link here  -->

It will also be a Buy 4 get One Free!


PG/VG - Wild Raspberry - Floral and tart wild raspberry.

Premium Green Glass Bottle with Dropper and Cap

Premium Crystal Clear E-Liquid

PG/VG Mixture is 50/50 PG(Propylene Glycol) Classified by FDA - "generally recognized as safe"

VG(Vegetable Glycerin) Classified by FDA - "generally recognized as safe"