Bubble Gum

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Crystal E-liquid


PLEASE NOTE: Crystal will take appropriately 2 week to arrive.

As you know, we have been facing 18 months of out of stock issues with Crystal E-Liquid. This is due to many factors based on availability of the product.

The wait is no more! We have finally secured a contract with E-Fusion E-Liquid. This high nicotine organically based premium liquid will fill the gap. If you like Crystal, you will love E-Fusion.

Crystal E-liquid will still be available on a special order basis. All pre-orders must be emailed to the sales inbox.


Please keep in mind that to qualify for the free shipping you must spend over $100 to receive it. Minimum 5 bottles are needed to have your order placed.

E-fusion can be found here! https://www.hotshotsvapor.ca/collections/e-fusion-e-liquid

It will also be a Buy 4 get One Free!


PG/VG - Bubble Gum - You’ll be wishing you could blow bubbles with this incredible mixture! One puff and you’ll be taken back to your favorite childhood bubblegum.

Premium Green Glass Bottle with Dropper and Cap

Premium Crystal Clear E-Liquid

PG/VG Mixture is 50/50 PG(Propylene Glycol) Classified by FDA - "generally recognized as safe"

VG(Vegetable Glycerin) Classified by FDA - "generally recognized as safe"