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Great performance and telescoping design

KSD Kmax specifications

  • Compatible with 18350 / 18650 batteries
  • Variable voltage 3.0v-6.0v
  • Variable wattage 3.0w-15w
  • Built-in ohm reader
  • Both the display and system can be locked
  • The top ring is removable, making it compatible with 510/ego thread atomizers
  • Hidden display giving it a stealth appearance
  • Full display functionality. It can display the battery voltage,output voltage, atomizer impedance and output power.
  • When the Kmax is shorted, the display will show "F1", when the atomizer resistance is less than 1.2Ω,the display will show "F2"
  • When the voltage is higher then 9v, it shows"HHH', when the battery need to be charged it shows "LoU"

The KSD Kmax Advantage

  • Telescope mod, can be short or long as you like
  • Protective function for the reverse connection of battery
  • The top ring can be taken off, make the Kmax can fit all the 510/ego thread atomizer