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Craft Salts

Classic leaf tobacco flavored nicotine salt.

Disclaimer:  Nicotine salt is the form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Unlike the nicotine ordinarily used in e-juice, these salts aren’t just nicotine; they’re compounds containing nicotine and another organic components. This could be in combination with one or more of the other chemicals in tobacco leaves, but the result is the same – a more stable molecule is formed. The key ingredient was benzoic acid, which was added to control the specific nicotine salt formed in the e-liquid. By adding benzoic acid, the vapor from nicotine salt e-juice has a lower pH and is less harsh to vape, but chemical reactions occur during vaping that maintain high freebase nicotine content in the vapor. This means you can comfortably vape higher-nicotine e-juice, AND SATISFY THAT CRAVING LONGER

This product is not recommended for Sub ohming as it comes in 25mg and 45 mg. But will have the smoothness of a 6-12 mg.

60 VG / 40 PG.